mille-feuilleAutomatic Schematic Creation Tool

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* What's mille-feuille system? *

mille-feuille automatically performs the wiring between the device and microcontroller pins, which can then be uploaded to our web-tool to automatically generate an Eagle CAD circuit diagram. (it does not include the mille-feuille base and module schematics during generation) Even without any prior hardware experience, it is easy to generate an original circuit board diagram from a prototype. mille-feuille works with the Raspberry Pi and Arduino 3.3V platforms, and is scheduled to launch in April 2018.


How to use Mille-Feuille?

Designing hardware with mille-feuille

*Step 1 : Assembling your mille-feuille*

There’s no need to solder anything during assembly. Stack your Raspberry Pi (or Arduino), the base, and the modules together, in that order. Then simply insert the device board you wish to use into the module and the program library will automatically recognise it for you.


*Step 2 : Writing the program*

mille-feuille uses Python on Raspberry Pi and the normal Arduino C language on the Arduino platform. The user written program is just the operating program without pin assign setting.

Creating your own circuit diagram

*Step 3 : Uploading circuit information into the tool*

Once the specifications have been set through the prototype, you can automatically generate a schematic. An EagleCAD schematic script and dedicated firmware will automatically be generated. Once this is imported into EagleCAD, your circuit diagram is complete. The mille-feuille main board (base board and modules) will not be included in the generated circuit diagram. The end result can be used as-is.